Big bonuses on offer

Global Rapid Rugby’s mission to enhance rugby union and deliver a new sports-entertainment experience throughout the Asia Pacific region has resulted in a range of innovations being introduced into the game.

Across the 2019 Showcase Series the positive impact of the on-field law changes, for example taking away the ability to kick out on the full from inside the 22, has seen fewer kicks and the ball in play for longer. With more ball in hand, teams are looking to open-up defences and employ a more attacking, running style of play, delighting spectators with end to end try scoring action.

Further encouraging teams to take calculated risks is a bonus point system designed to reward high scoring play. In 2019 teams can accumulate bonus points in the following ways;

  • Win by 3 or more tries = 1 bonus point
  • Score 4 or more tries in a game = 1 bonus point
  • Lose by 5 points or less = 1 bonus point

Winning games is still the first priority with 4 points awarded for each victory, but with two bonus points linked to scoring up-for-grabs each match, teams have an additional incentive to find the try line. Bonus points are also important to the make-up of the ladder with final positions determined on a hierarchical scale as follows;

  1. Highest Total points
    • If two teams have the same total number of points accumulated from their performances then ladder positions will be determined by;
  2. Most number of wins
    • If two teams have the same points total and the same number of wins, then ladder positions will be determined by;
  3. Bonus points total
    • If two teams have the same points total, the same number of wins and the same number of bonus points, then ladder positions will be determined by;
  4. Total tries scored

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